Estes has worked with KSI for many years to further develop our leadership Talent. Estes has had numerous people work and are working with KSI and have seen incredible growth for them, both as individuals and working together in highly collaborative teams. KSI has had a significant impact and adds speed and focus to our talent development and team development programs.

Kent Pilcher
CEO Estes Construction

KSI has been great at supporting our Family Dynamics and Vision while developing and accelerating Learning for our Leadership Team.  Collective IQ has elevated our game!

Pat McGrath
CEO McGrath Family of Dealerships

TrueNorth has leveraged KSI talent in several areas for more than 15 years.  Initially in Business Development and then in developing my personal plan more than 12 years ago, KSI development strategies, both business and personal, have taken my vision for the future and transformed it into a practical, proactive plan to achieve our goals.  KSI Systems also continues to add teamwork language and skills in development of our leaders.

Jason Smith
President TrueNorth

KSI’s ability to help package our vision, collaborate to consensus, and build an execution strategy, has been a real difference maker for TrueNorth.

Duane Smith
CEO TrueNorth

Modern Companies has worked with KSI for several years.  Beginning with our owner group and then our larger leadership group, KSI has been significant and impactful for us becoming a more Cohesive Executive Team and impactful in Leadership Development at all levels of our company.

Ken Brown
CEO Modern Companies

Any business that has hit a ceiling of complexity could benefit from KSI’s services.  In my case, trying to figure out how much time I needed from an admin person before hiring.  With the contractor model and no extended contract to sign, I could get the help I needed for as long as I needed it.  If I only needed a month or two to sort things out then great. If I only need 4 hours a month to help with some marketing tasks that my full-time assistant and I really don’t have time for -you guys take care of it. The variety of skills your team can provide such as accounting tasks like invoicing or bill paying, helping with a mailing, working on a database to clean it up, or creating a process/procedure for someone to follow is just really helpful to a small business owner who is vacillating on hiring staff. Additionally, I would continue to outsource my hiring for part-time or full-time office staff. I don’t feel I have the time or talent to manage that, and you have brought me two high caliber candidates. I would only assume that you will bring me more of the same type of people in the future when I’m ready to expand my business.

Craig Adamson

Any business or organization – small, mid-size or enterprise – that is growing, expanding its geographical footprint, moving into new markets, having strategic operations challenges or otherwise managing change, can benefit from KSI and Amy’s services.  They are professional, experienced, practical and cost-effective.  I have a professional services business in which client experience, response time and work product are critical.  Without a doubt, Amy and KSI have given me a competitive advantage in my market.

Pascale Henn

The firm had grown to a point where I needed to be able to hand-off administrative tasks and find a part-time paralegal so that I could utilize my time most efficiently and effectively. KSI was able to help me transition tasks and effectively streamline my practice so that my time spent could be more profitable. Any type of business can benefit from KSI’s services. If any business owner is looking to use their time more effectively and efficiently, KSI can assist.

Mandi Hunter

Thank you Steve! I feel that you have accelerated my growth. Thank you for listening to my challenges and helping me think differently! I can sincerely say that you have elevated my game. I find you to be a trusted advisor while always thinking about my company, Estes Construction.

Eric White

For what it’s worth, I met with Steve L. this morning and I found it very helpful. We talked through a systematic way of dissecting my largest concern at the moment (potential relocation) in a meaningful way. He never professed to have all the answers… it was more coaching on how to tackle difficult decisions that effect both work and home. It was also refreshing to have a resource to use that has been through an extremely similar situation and had some astute observations to share about what he did right and wrong. Very much worth an hour of my time to have a conversation with the guy.

If nothing else, he was saying things out loud… which is helpful from time to time.

Tim B.